The Storm Cone by Laura Daly with music by Lucy Pankhurst, 2021


Commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection and Metal in collaboration with Salford Culture and Place Partnership on the occasion of Rediscovering Salford.

Generously supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Also supported by PN Daly Ltd and Zinc and Copper Roofing.

Music performed and recorded by the students, staff and friends of the University of Salford. 3D artwork by Catherine Chapman, a Goldsmiths University student, via Santander Universities placement.

The Storm Cone has only been made possible through the generosity and enthusiasm of all those listed below. The artist would particularly like to thank:  Lucy Pankhurst; Brendan Williams, Richard Harvey and Simon Connor from University of Salford (Music and Sound Engineering); Rod Martin, Ignacio Roca and Nela Ion from University of Salford (App Development); Catherine Chapman from Goldsmiths University (3D Artwork); Jon Smith (Graphics); Lindsay Taylor, University of Salford and Michaela Freeman, Metal (Production).



Laura Daly
The Storm Cone Lead Artist


The Storm Cone Commissioned Brass Music


Lucy Pankhurst


Simon Connor
Binaural Spatialisation

Richard Harvey

Brendan Williams
Sound Engineering & Stereo Mixing

Duncan Winfield
Peel Hall Recording Logistics

Joseph Stevenson
Peel Hall Recording Documentation


The Storm Cone Sound Works

Laura Daly
Sound Works


Simon Connor
Binaural Spatialisation

Richard Harvey
Conductor/Coordinator for Brass Solo Introductions

Lucy Pankhurst
Composer of Introductory Music for Sound Works


Musicians – Commission & Sound Works

James Stone
Cornet, Flugelhorn, Melodica and Kazoo


Rob Allen
Eb Bass

Amy Banks

Jordan Beswick
Bass Trombone

Becca Brawn

Jeremie Favre

Marrianne Garbutt
Baritone Horn

Owen Garbutt
Eb Bass

Elliot Gray

James Hawkins
Eb Bass

Samuel Hirst

Harry Kenehan
Eb Bass

Ross Manning

Alice Marriott-Lodge

Paul McGhee
Eb Bass

Lucy Pankhurst
Solo Horn

Benjamin Richeton
Soprano Cornet

Amy Oliva-Sharkey

Nikita Georgia Stones

James A Wilson

Jacob Wright


The Storm Cone Sound Library:

Alistair Cant
Simon Connor
Laura Daly
Euan Ellis
Elin Glyn Jones
Seth Goggin
Barnabas Hart


Sound Technology

Alistair Cant
3D Scan and Spatial Acoustic Capture

Simon Connor
Spatial audio capture and field recording consultation

Jack Reynolds
Ambisonic and binaural spatialisation support


The Storm Cone Vocal:

Michael Betteridge
Arranging, conducting, workshop leader, vocal

Abigail Cameron-Laker
Jerusalem, solo first verse + other vocals

Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

Tony Cocker
Laura Daly
Vincent Dugdale
Brian Dunk
Rob Grant
Phil Hicks
Belle Hosking
Ronan Kemp
Christopher Kirkillis
Holly Littlewood
Dudley Newell
Stephanie Macauley
Tony McLoughlin
Mark Morreau
Elizabeth Ransome
Phoebe Ransome
Olivia Schofield
Lily Shilston
Jessica Stenstrom
Steve Torley
Leah Wild


Visual Artwork and Graphics

Catherine Chapman

Laura Daly
Original artwork and design concepts

Jon Smith
Graphic design and website


The Storm Cone App

Rod Martin
App Development Lead

Catherine Chapman
3D Design

Laura Daly
UX and UI

Juan Hiriart
3D Support

Nela Ion
UX, UI, Unity Development, Animation

Ignacio Roca
Unity Development and UX

Jon Smith
UX, UI, Graphic Design



Laura Daly
Michaela Freeman
Lindsay Taylor
Brendan Williams


The Artist would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations who supported the research, development and production of The Storm Cone:

Andy Barry
Jackie Ashley
Colette Bailey
Brett Baker
Black Dyke Band
Ian Brownbill
Josephine Burton
Rita Castle – Friends of the Musicians’ Chapel, St Sepulchre’s
Chorus of Others
Trevor Cox
PN Daly Ltd
Tom Davoren
Mark Doyle
Iwan Fox – 4 Bars Rest
Tim France
French and Mottershead
Peter Gasston
Brian Hall
David Hurrell & Nicholas Quarrell – The Southend Band
David Hurst – Secretary Black Dyke Band
Ian Johnston – the Roy Newsome Archive, The University of Salford
Isah-Levi Roach
Dominic Liptrot – Lost Art
Esther Mann – Kneller Hall
Andrea Morreau
Mark Morreau
Francine Morris
The National Brass Band Archive – Walter Ainscough and Alan Marsh
Chris Pike – BBC R&D
Simon Poulter
Paul Rabbits
Elizabeth Ransome
Jack Reynolds – BBC R&D
Mark Segal
Roger Shelley
Rabbi Silverman – Jacksons Row Synagogue
The University of Salford Special Music Collection
Danusia Smith
Phil Stenton
The Southend Band
Cecilia Wee
Emma Wakeling
Peter Woodbridge
Zinc and Copper Roofing



Art Collection University of Salford
Arts Council England
PN Daly Ltd
Zinc And Copper Roofing
Salford School of Arts Media and Creative Technologies
Salford City Council
Southend on Sea
Estuary 2021
Suprema Lex
Re-Discovering Salford